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Our Approach

Our process comes from decades of experience in helping healthcare professionals navigate their financial decisioning. Not only do we recognize the importance of thoroughness, but we also appreciate your time constraints. We like to think we make the process efficient and an overall joyful experience. Our approach simply identifies and fills the “GAPPS” in your goals in a practical, actionable order.

Identify & Prioritize…Your Goals
Analyze & Evaluate…Your Assets
Strategize & Develop…A Plan
Activate & Implement…Your Plan
Monitor & Adjust…Your Success

Caduceus Consulting

Best of Both Worlds

Caduceus Consulting has adopted an independent hybrid model that creates a platform that allows us to contract and consult with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious organizations. This gives us maximum flexibility to navigate options that best suit our clients’ needs so that we can better avoid hidden agendas and mitigate conflicts of interest.

Caduceus Consulting advisors and management are always seeking the best relationships that can benefit our clients. Not only does this create access to a diversity of best in breed firms and consultants, it also makes it easier to implement your plan and to adapt and change.

Dr. Mendez Caduceus ConsultingThe nexus of your Caduceus Consulting relationship and experience is your own personal Wealth Care Advisor with specialized knowledge in financial management for healthcare professionals.

Your Advisor is uniquely familiar with the challenges and opportunities within the health care community.

Your Advisor:

  • Understands the rigorous demands of running a healthcare practice.
  • Understands the regulatory environment in which you have to practice.
  • Understands how to structure your personal and professional assets to get the most favorable tax status
  • Understands the unique risk management and litigation concerns that go along with your profession.

Your Advisor is your advocate and single point of contact plugged into a network of strategic partners to protect and grow your financial interest. No longer will you need to fear that your institution is pushing proprietary products or betting against you. The power of true independence and objectivity is finally within your grasp. Take a look at a partial list of our strategic partners.

Are we a fit? It’s time to find out.