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Our “Why”

Why we are passionate about taking care of those who take care of others.

Because We know you.

We know that you’re one of the tiny minority that has the wits, skills, perseverance and boldness to choose the path of a healer. That puts you in the top 5%.

We know that you have watched people with better personalities, and better test scores fall by the wayside, make excuses, while you toughed it out. That puts you in the top 1%.

Because We know you.

We know that although others may only know you as a provider name on an insurance network directory that you would run through walls to heal your patients and that you care more about their health than anyone else not related to them by blood.

We know and respect that you exhibit integrity, perseverance, and character quietly, even and especially when no one sees it.

Because We know you

We know that you have never seen a movie or a show that accurately portrays what you really do every day or depicts how you really live.

We know that you see people when they are at their most vulnerable. In their time of need your compassion, confidence and professional selflessness makes you a superhero.

Because We know you

We know that you are just like everyone else who has to cope with the anxiety of a new month, financial worries, balance in your life, and challenges with your family.

We know that you show up every day, through good times and bad, often ignoring your own needs and not even being able to take the time to celebrate your successes or the difference that you have made for someone else that day.

Because We know you

We know that society and patients expect for you to be perfect in every way and the business of healing and running a practice is hard and far from perfect and this requires you to perform at your best in one of the most threatening work environments in the world.

We know that you are annoyed with the talking heads, the politicians, and all of the mediums that are trying to talk to your patients with their own agenda or ideas of how healing should be distributed.

Yet you are the one that can shut out the noise and produce outcomes for a soul in need that is nothing short of a miracle.

We know that you accomplish great things simply because it is who you are and you wouldn’t consider living any other way.

We know you. We are grateful.

W. Shane Hunt

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